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This page is to help people write documents with LaTeX.

Figures Fixing the bounding box for PDFs

sometimes PDF figures created in OpenOffice or other programs do not have a tight bounding box around them, and are surrounded by lots of whitespace. This script will rewrite the PDF file with the tightest possible bounding box. The PDF file is modified in place.

usage: <file.pdf> [<file.pdf> ...] save Dia diagrams as PDFs

Dia can be used to make nice figures but does not save files as PDFs. This script can convert .dia documents into PDFs.

usage: file.dia [dia options]

converts file.dia to file.pdf. [dia options] are passed on to dia. Eg. '-L layer' prints only the specified layer.

Requires dia and inkscape installed. On Fedora,

yum install dia inkscape

is sufficient.

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