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Databases Distributed by the Statistical Speech Technology Group

Our policy: everything we record is distributed for free.

  • Audiovisual speech is available, through secure ftp, to speech researchers at university or government labs. Contact username avicar at the domain name for info.
  • Other types of data are posted free, on the web pages listed below.

This page is intended to be the definitive list of data distributed by the SST group, because anybody in the group can edit it to add your own data.

Audiovisual Speech
UASPEECH Train automatic recognizers of dysarthric speech
AVICAR 100 Talkers, 4 Cameras, 8 Microphones, Moving Car
ISLEX International Speech Lexicon Project
RIR Measured Room Impulse Responses
VMRI: 5 Talkers, 10 Vowels, Axial and Coronal MR Image Stacks
Micro-MRI: Voxel=59x59x49 microns, Human Cadaver Tongue
Micro-MRI: Histology of the same Human Cadaver Tongue specimen
LDC Corpora
Fisher: Everything you want to know about the Fisher corpus
Infograms: Mutual information relative to phonetic landmarks (images)
TIMIT: TIMIT files with unusual speech production phenomenon
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