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Here are some projects that SST People are working on. For another view, see our Publications.


SST Group Meetings

Phonetics, Phonology, Semantics

Prosody and Phonology in Automatic Speech Recognition (Landmark-Based Speech Recognition)
Group Meeting Schedules and Slides
Landmark-Based Speech Recognition
Prosody of Disfluency
Very Large Corpus ASR/ Mixed-Units ASR
Large Vocabulary speech recognition using mixed units on fisher corpus
Articulatory Feature Transcription
Transcription Guidelines
Phone-to-Feature Mapping
Meeting Summaries

Group dynamics and Discourse

GroupScope --- Dynamics of Medium-Sized Groups

Language Acquisition, Language Contact, Variability, and Disability

Multi-Dialect Speech Recognition and Machine Translation for Qatari Broadcast TV
Multi Dialect Arabic
Cross-Language Transfer Learning
Linguistic Diversity References
Star Challenge competition
Dynamics of Second Language Fluency
Group Meeting Schedules and Slides
Data Description
Universal Access
Group Meeting Schedules and Slides
UASpeech Database

Multimodal Fusion, Speech and Non-Speech

Audiovisual Event Detection and Visualization
Group Meeting Schedules and Slides
Visualization Experiments
Mobile Platform Acoustic-Frequency Environmental Tomography (was Dereverberation)
Group Meeting Schedules
Project Status and Working Notes
Audiovisual Speech Recognition
AVICAR Database
Smaragdis collaboration

Pseudocode spec for the sound input class (and also output later, but not read-and-write):

class input_t{ // Definition of stream characteristics class specs_t{ size_t channels; double sample_rate; enum sample_format; };

// // Constructors //

input_t( ??? stream, bool in_or_out, size_t ch, double sr, enum frm) { switch( stream){ case "file" use ffmpeg case "socket" use homebrew code? case "url" use VLC? case "adc" Use portaudio case "dac" Use portaudio } }

input_t( ??? stream, input_t example); // copy stream attributes input_t( ??? stream, input_t::specs_t example); // copy stream attributes

Assignment/copy operators

// // Destructor //

~input_t() // bookkeeping with closing file/net/etc.

// // Utilities //

double sample_rate(); size_t channels(); enum sample_format(); bool eof(); bool();

// // Seeking //

seek( size_t s); // move to sample frame s seek( double t); // move to second t

// // Reading // output should be channels by sample frames

array<T> &read( size_t n, size_t offset, int channel_mask); // sample frames array<T> &read( double n, double offset, int channel_mask); // seconds

// // Writing //

write( array<T> &x, size_t offset, int channel_mask); // sample frames write( array<T> &x, double offset, int channel_mask); // seconds

write_add( array<T> &x, size_t offset, int channel_mask); // sample frames write_add( array<T> &x, double offset, int channel_mask); // seconds };

We are going for a blocking interface instead of cumbersome callbacks for now. The stream parameters when reading can be used to perform +on the fly resampling and channel remapping. I'm attaching the board doodling in case I missed something.

We are currently working on the getting code to work for the simple case:

main() { input_t in( ...);

while( in){ x = ...); y = feature( x); plot( y); } }

I'm working on the feature object, Camille is working on the input object.

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