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Statistical Speech Technology Group Software

Our policy: everything we write is free on the web. This wiki is intended to be definitive, because anybody in the group can edit it to add their own software. A spider-indexable backup is at .

You can access each project by browsing an SVN snapshot online, or by downloading a tgz file (gzipped .tar file) by using one of the links below.

You can also check it out of our subversion server using login name "anon" with no password (hit "enter" when a password is requested).

svn co svn://


HTKtrain (Sarah Borys and Mark Hasegawa-Johnson, 2008)
source, tgz
Scripts for training HMMs using HTK
Pronounce (Arthur Kantor, 2007)
Description, Demo, source, tgz
An orthographic string to phonetic string mapping tool.
This tool computes American English phonetic transcriptions from plaintext. Its HMM either generates a most likely phonetic transcription, or forces alignment if a phonetic transcription is provided. So, it gives a reasonable pronunciation for both out-of-dictionary words and partially pronounced words.
HTK-based Explicit-duration HMM (Ken Chen, 2003)
Description, source, tgz

Signal Processing

Singing-Voice Separation From Monaural Recordings Using Robust Principal Component Analysis (Po-Sen Huang, 2012)
Projects Description and Demo MATLAB code
Nested STFTs (Dave Cohen, Camille Goudeseune, Mark Hasegawa-Johnson, 2009)
Efficient Simultaneous Multi-Scale Computation of FFTs
Description, stft.c

Improved Mistral (Qingsong Liu, 2009)
State of the Art Text-Independent Speaker Verification System,especially for NIST SRE
Based on Mistral Open Source package
Improved and New Features:
  • full factor analysis(eigenchannel and eigenvoice), instead of simple factor analysis(eigenchannel)
  • multi-threads for Windows as well as Linux
  • read HTK format feature/model
  • effective Algorithm for fast implementation of FA.
  • code optimization(for FA)
  • fixed some bugs
Source: /ws/ifp-32-2/hasegawa/pineking/programs/Improved_Mistral
PVTK (Sarah Borys and Mark Hasegawa-Johnson, 2005-8)
source, tgz
Extract HTK features as training vectors for libSVM, apply trained SVMs directly to feature files
VAD (Bowon Lee, 2007)
Description, source, tgz
Voice activity detector with improved noise model


Matlab GMM (Arthur Kantor, 2010)
source, tgz
A somewhat optimized Matlab toolbox for calculating the likelihood of many observations against many gaussian mixtures, each with many diagonal-covariance componenents.
GMTK Parallel (Arthur Kantor, 2008)
Run GMTK commands in parallel on a compute cluster. Email Arthur for code.
HTK Parallel (Bowon Lee, 2006)
description, source, tgz
These Perl scripts split an HTK command for parallel excution on an SGE cluster.


Timeliner (Camille Goudeseune, 2012)
Description, Linux source tgz
Browser for long audio files, with generated spectrograms and other derived features.
Matlab pfile I/O toolbox (Arthur Kantor, 2010)
source, tgz
A Matlab toolbox for reading and writing ICSI pfile data format used by GMTK and QuickNet.
The toolbox is designed to work with large pfiles (hundreds of GB).
It is based on the pfread.m and pfinfo.m scripts by Dan Ellis.
Python library for reading/writing GMTK parameter files (Arthur Kantor, 2010)
source, tgz
The library can read/write complete TrainableParameters files, as well as decision trees and most other objects allowed in GMTK parameter files.
This library is based on the code from EHVS parser project, and so is available under the GPL3 license.
Improved MVA (Arthur Kantor, 2008)
Linux binary
Perform mean and variance normalization and ARMA filtering
It's essentially this version but with
  • better error reporting (e.g. failing to open file tells you so instead of core dumping)
  • more accurate mean and variance estimation (doubles instead of floats in strategic places)
  • faster computation in the case of MV (ARMA order 0)
svn location is svn://
DTMFseg (Bowon Lee, 2006)
source, tgz
Segment audio files at DTMF tones
Transcription tools (Mark Hasegawa-Johnson, 2005)
source, tgz
Convert transcription formats
Speechfileformats (Mark Hasegawa-Johnson, 2004)
source, tgz
Read and write HTK files in matlab
CTMRedit (Jul Cha and Mark Hasegawa-Johnson, 1999)
Description, source, tgz
Manually and automatically segment CT and MR image stacks

LaTeX tools

LaTeX scripts to import figures from dia and pdf. (Arthur Kantor, 2010)


Other scripts written in perl, python, bash, and ruby can be found in SVN archive.

There is also auto-generated documentation for them.

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