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The Statistical Speech Technology Working Papers (SSTWP) is intended as an opportunity for students, alums, post-docs and others to work out the kinks in their ideas before submitting them elsewhere for publication. SSTWP will be printed as a twice-annual book, copies of which will be given to each author. The book will not be republished on line, though the titles of SSTWP papers will be listed on this page. Each paper will be reviewed by four independent reviewers: Everyone who submits a paper will also be asked to review four other papers. Reviews should give the author detailed advice for improving the paper up to the publication standards of relevant professional societies (IEEE, ACM, ASA, ISCA). Participation in this process is considered to be an important and required part of graduate study in the Statistical Speech Technology group; senior students with many published papers are expected to participate, as a way of sharing their insight with younger students who have not yet published.

SSTWP papers are considered to be unpublished manuscripts. An author may post his or her manuscript on his or her private web page (just like any other unpublished manuscript), but the manuscripts will not be posted here. If you are from outside Urbana, and would like a copy of one of these papers, please write directly to the author.


In spring semester 2010, deadlines will be as follows.

January 31 - Manuscripts due from everybody
February 28 - First-round reviews completed
March 31 - Revised manuscripts submitted
April 30 - Second-round reviews completed
May 31 - Final manuscripts submitted


The following manuscripts are in the SSTWP review process for spring 2010.

2010s01 - State-Transition Interpolation and MAP Adaptation for HMM-based Dysarthric Speech Recognition
2010s02 - Robust automatic speech recognition using HMM trained in cepstral domain with decoder oriented missing feature classifier
2010s03 - Multi-Modal Fusion on Audio-Visual Event Detection
2010s04 - Tool for finding words and speech sounds in an unknown database
2010s05 - Applying Auditory Salience on Meeting Room Dataset
2010s06 - Prosody-Dependent Acoustic Modeling Using Variable-Parameter Hidden Markov Models
2010s07 - Finite-State ASR Dictionary using Gesture Pattern Vectors as Units
2010s08 - Detection of Auditory Saliency in Conference Room Environments
2010s09 - Simple Segmental Tandem Model
2010s10 - A Nonlinear One-Dimensional Model of Basilar Membrane Displacement
2010s11 - Improved Audio-Visual Speech Conversion with Minimum Conversion Error
2010s12 - Speech Recognition Experiments with Whispered Speech Corpora
2010s13 - A Fast Implementation of Factor Analysis for Speaker Verification
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