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Date Speaker Topic
09/17 Mark Hasegawa-Johnson Baum's two papers
09/24 Jui-Ting Huang Variable-Parameter Hidden Markov Models
10/01 Allerton speakers at Allerton, in Monticello
10/08 Lae-Hoon Kim Independent Component Analysis (ICA)
10/15 Arthur Discriminative Learning for Minimum Error Classification (Arthur's slides)
10/22 David Cohen Computationally Efficient Nested FFTs
10/29 Chi Hu Global Optimization of a Neural Network-Hidden Markov Model Hybrid
11/5 Dave Harwath Intro to Language Identification
11/12 Sujeeth Bharadwaj Sparse Classification
11/19 Po-Sen Huang Speech Enhancement Employing Laplacian-Gaussian Mixture (slide)
11/26 Thanksgiving no meeting
12/3 Harsh Vardhan Sharma EM, PCA and more (Paper 1,Paper 2, Harsh's slides)
12/10 Sarah Auditory Modeling
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